Our Services

As a result of our exceptionally strong and loyal relationships within the industry, with the farms we represent, our freight
and logistics suppliers and our customers, we continue to grow our business and further entrench our reputation as being
the premium quality rose and summer flower exporter of choice.

Our dedicated office at Nairobi Airport’s Export Flower Centre, enables our perishable product experts to have optimal
control of your shipment as we constantly monitor refridgeration facilities and inspect product quality.

We offer the following:

 Delivery of premium quality roses and summer flowers all year round.
 Custom packaging and tailor making of orders.
 Customised branding of sleeves, boxes and flower food together with bar coding
    on orders of over 10 000 stems per shipment.
 An unbroken cold supply chain, maximising shelf life and reducing spoilage.
 Freight and Logistics supply connects directly to core European destinations
    and all regional markets within Europe and Asia.
 Shipmpent traceability.
 Delivery of quality product to your door within 48 hours.
 We can help you arrange farm visits and product variety familiarisation trips
    to Kenya.
 Please visit us at our stands at various trade shows including ones in  Russia,
    Ukraine & Kazakhstan every year.